Stem Cells for Sports Injuries and Orthopedic Conditions

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‍Stem Cells for Sports Injuries and Orthopedic Conditions

In general, sports injuries include acute or chronic injuries. Recently stem cells are being used to treat a wide variety of sports injuries, including damage to tendons, ligaments, muscles, and cartilage. Stem cell therapy to an injured area can be done through direct intramuscular injection. This quick and non-invasive procedure allows the body to heal itself through the introduction of stem cells that promote tissue regeneration in acute and chronic conditions.

Using stem cells are beneficial to heal injuries that have not been successfully treated by current surgical techniques or alternative treatments. Vast research has been conducted using stem cells for orthopedic conditions and new studies are being conducted every day. Recently stem cell therapy has successfully been used for joint injuries, cartilage defects and ligament-tendon injuries. These conditions can be extremely debilitating and often greatly reduce the quality of life for the patient as they are unable to partake in the sports or activities that bring them joy and fulfillment.

Stem cells are used to repair tissue when the body is unable to heal itself either through age or a diseased state.  Tissues such as articular cartilage can become worn or damaged over time and have poor blood flow or ability to regenerate. Stem cells are used to grow new articular tissue within joints through often one intramuscular treatment. This often avoids the need for joint replacement surgeries allowing the patient to quickly be back to the activities they enjoy. Similar results can be observed with bone, tendon, and ligament conditions.

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