Human Growth Hormone for ACL Repair

HGH for ACL Repair

HGH for ACL Repair

The injury is one of the most feared in sports. For athletes that rely on speed and power an ACL tear or rupture can be a career ending trauma.

The human knee has four major ligaments. The ACL, which crosses the inside of the knee diagonally, is vulnerable to tears, especially in sports that require deceleration and changes of direction, such as soccer, football and basketball.

Surgery and months of a long rehabilitation process, can still often leave an athlete without their full pre-injury strength. Statistics show one in three NFL players who tear an ACL never play professional football again. Young athletes’ may never get a chance to start a once-bright career in sport. Recreational or older athletes may have an increase in arthritis and knee replacement surgery in the decades following injury.

Nearly 250,000 people a year injure their ACLs, and research at the University of Michigan has found human growth hormone or HGH as a miracle healer for this devastating injury. In double-blind trial, U-M researchers administered HGH to patients just before and after ACL surgery, to see if it can stave off muscle loss and repair ligaments to give athletes a more complete recovery. They soon discovered that HGH can have positive effects on the tissues within the knee joint

After ACL surgery, HGH can be used to help regenerate the ligaments faster and help stave off muscle loss from inactivity. Knee movement has to be limited so the ACL can heal, during this time HGH can be used to prevent this muscle and strength loss.

HGH for Healing

HGH is a hormone that stimulates cell growth and cell regeneration. HGH can be prescribed off label for anti-aging effects and acute injury repair. HGH also does increase fat loss, prevents muscle tissue breakdown and protects tendons and ligaments.

Another study from the University of Copenhagen also showed promise for HGH as a healing medicine.  Subjects in their 20s were fitted with a hip-to-ankle cast for two weeks. Half of the men self-administered daily HGH, the other half a placebo. After the casts were removed, the group that took HGH had lost less muscle than the placebo group. And after six weeks of exercise, the group that took the hormone was able to regain full leg strength, while the placebo group never did.

It has now been proven that the potential benefit is enormous for HGH in injury repair.  As youth competitive participation in high-intensity sports continues to grow we will see an ever-growing need for these therapies to be used to help our young athletes get back on the field.

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