HGH Clinic Canada

Waterloo Anti Aging offers Human Growth Hormone optimization to patients in Kitchener-Waterloo (K-W), Cambridge or Guelph, Ontario.  Our clinic offers Telemedicine allowing patients Canada wide access to our services. 

International Patients 

We are now accepting patients for HGH treatments from the USA. The cost of growth hormone therapy in Canada is much less expensive than the USA. In addition, the favourable exchange rate adds an extra incentive for our neighbors south of the border. Contact us today to find out how you can save on various treatments to maximize your health. Our clinic is located 1 hour from Toronto which is convenient for international travelers looking for pharmacy HGH near Toronto, Canada.

Legal HGH in Canada  

Not all HGH in Canada is equal. Much of the HGH that people use is unapproved from the black market. This may be a more cost effective growth hormone but it will pale in comparison in its efficacy. Many products could be under dosed or not have any active hormone at all. We believe all HGH taken should be of pharmaceutical quality. This will give you peace of mind that what you are putting in your body is of the utmost quality and safety. 

HGH therapy in Canada should be accessible to all people who want to optimize their health and performance.. Our clinic uses all the latest research and technologies available in sports science and anti aging to have the patient feeling and looking their best. If you are frustrated with the lack of personalized care by your current doctor please contact us and we will be happy to get your health on track!

Waterloo Anti Aging offers pharmaceutical HGH Prescriptions in Canada. Our clinic is a lower cost option for HGH therapy in Ontario-Kitchener/Toronto/Calgary/Vancouver. Book a Telemedicine appointment at our TRT and HGH clinic 1 hour from Toronto.