TRT Clinic Online

TRT Clinic Online

Waterloo Anti Aging offers Testosterone replacement to patients in Kitchener-Waterloo, Guelph and Cambridge Ontario. Our clinic also offers Telemedicine allowing patients Canada wide access to our services online and over the phone. 

TRT Clinics Canada 

Not all TRT clinics in Canada are equal in the services and knowledge they offer. Our practitioners believe that blood work is important but not the only factor to consider when treating low testosterone levels. Medical practitioners must also listen to the patients symptoms and make an educated decision on whether TRT is appropriate. 

Our Process

Once you have contacted the clinic and we have discussed your treatment options you will be given a patient intake form to fill out. This form can be found on our website here:

The next step is to book your appointment with one of our Nurse Practitioners via Telemedicine who will order blood work to see if you qualify for Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT).

If you qualify our treatment protocol is typically Intramuscular (Depo) Testosterone with the amount of testosterone being titrated up or down depending on blood work. 

We believe TRT should be accessible to all men who are experiencing symptoms of low testosterone. Our clinic uses all the latest research and technologies available in sports science and anti aging to have the patient feeling and looking their best. If you are frustrated with the lack of personalized care by your current doctor please contact us and we will be happy to get your health on track!

Waterloo Anti Aging offers pharmaceutical Testosterone Replacement Prescriptions in Canada. TRT clinics near me for testosterone therapy in Ontario-Kitchener/Toronto/Calgary/Vancouver. Book a Telemedicine appointment at our TRT and HGH clinic 1 hour from Toronto.