Medical Weight Loss

Thyroid Hormone Replacement Therapy

The thyroid gland is a small, butterfly-shaped gland found in the lower part of
the neck that plays a primary role in regulating your metabolism and energy.
An underactive thyroid (known as hypothyroidism) will affect more than 15%
of the Canadian population within their lifetime. Thyroid hormones are
extremely important and decreased levels can cause:

● Fatigue
● Unexplained weight gain
● Constipation
● Dry skin and hair
● Hair Loss
● Puffiness or swelling in the face
● Muscle aches and weakness
● Heavy menstrual periods
● Brittle hair and nails
● Depression
● Cold intolerance

Treatment of Hypothyroidism

Thyroid hormone replacement options consist of some form of synthetic
Thyroid Hormone (T4/T3 or a combination). Without treatment, many people with thyroid disorders will experience a reduced quality of life and put their health in danger. With incorrect thyroid levels weight loss will become increasingly difficult. Thyroid hormones also play an important role for athletes as this hormone regulates energy and metabolic rate. It has also been shown to effect muscle mass and cardiac output.

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