BPC 157 for Arthritis and Inflammation

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BPC-157 is a body protective compound that has proven to have profound positive effects on inflammation, muscle repair and healing. With the new research indicating these benefits, you might want to consider BPC-157 for your arthritis treatment.

In North America, around 40% of adults will face arthritis at some point in their lives.. Arthritis side effects cause inflammation in the joints that cause pain, swelling, and infection. There is no cure for arthritis besides pain management medication which comes with a host of negative side effects. BPC 157 peptide has shown it can greatly diminish pain and inflammation of arthritis while promoting other healing benefits within the body such as gut health.

A study was published in Physiology-Paris Journal, where researchers found that the peptide BPC-157 can treat arthritis while at the same time heal gut disorders. The peptide’s healing benefits can be seen after just a few days and one year after treatment has ceased. This peptide promotes improved cell survival and cell migration and angiogenesis allowing rapid effects on the joint, bone damage, damaged teeth, bones, muscles, and tendons.

Angiogenesis is a process of blood vessel formation. These new blood vessels transport oxygen and nutrients to the affected joints. BPC 157 also enhances growth hormone expression on certain tissues as well. This is why it is becoming increasingly popular to combine HGH therapy with BPC 157 treatment as the two therapies combined have a synergistic effect.

The goal of BPC 157 is to relieve symptoms of arthritis and slow down the degeneration of the joints. This will allow the patient to resume healthy movement which can further aid in the maintenance and health of all the body’s tissues.