HGH-The Anti Aging Secret

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HGH-The Anti Aging Secret 

You will often get those people who casually mention Botox or Viagra, but what you don’t hear about is HGH, the secret of the world’s elite. To those who understand Anti Aging medicine, HGH or Human Growth Hormone is the most powerful tool to combat the ageing process.

So far, only a few notable celebrities have stepped forward admitting its use. Sylvester Stallone, Nick Nolte, and Suzanne Somers are a few. To acknowledge HGH use seems to be taboo.  Much of this can be blamed on professional sports tainting the use of this miracle drug. For the past decade, it has been shamed by the medical community due to its abuse amongst many superstar athletes. For every athlete caught using HGH we can assume thousands more are using it without detection. This is because athletes know that it works, and it is a secret weapon for its ability to prolong the careers of professional athletes and actors.

Hollywood is crazy for human growth hormone with many filmmakers, and executives touting its benefits: ripped abs, fewer wrinkles, increased sex drive, and more energy. With Anti Aging clinics popping up in all the major cities across the USA it seems clear that the demand for this drug is unquenchable. It has been estimated that Growth Hormone is a $10 Billion industry. 

The studies have proven that the benefits far outweigh the risks associated with using HGH. When used appropriately, it can reduce body fat, increase muscle and bone density. Many people report that they look and feel stronger, more alert and energized. Some will even say that it is a life changing experience.

Huge differences can be seen in the skin and hair. Wrinkles begin to gradually disappear. Hair starts to regrow thicker and darker. Everyone who has tried HGH therapy can agree taking it provides attractive physiques—lean muscles, shrinking waistlines—and improved strength, speed, and endurance. HGH use is a rejuvenating force allowing the user to get back their vitality and youthful body.

Who needs a HGH prescription in Canada?

Many old school doctors and endocrine specialists criticize the Anti Aging community for promoting the use of HGH. The same doctors who criticize the uses of HGH for Anti Aging purposes take young, short children and give them extremely large doses and claim it is safe. 

Taking HGH is not about extending life, so far science has not been able to unlock the key to life extension. Anti Aging medicine is about making people as functional, happy, and active as they can be. It’s about maximizing their potential.

Everyone knows that a person’s natural supply of HGH declines with age. A 20-year-old produces more than twice as much HGH as he will when he’s 40; the rate of decline in the hormone will continue with age. Anti Aging doctors are about preserving your youthful self for as long as possible using safe and proven medical interventions. Anti Aging is about preventing chronic diseases and all the ravages that affect your quality of life.

At Waterloo Anti Aging we take a broader—and, in our opinion, more progressive—view of what constitutes a deficiency.

Guidelines for prescribing HGH in Canada allow for degrees of latitude and interpretation. Waterloo Anti Aging takes into account when a patient is clearly displaying symptoms of HGH deficiency: fatigue, weakness, fat gain etc. The testing to diagnose deficiency is insufficient and too restrictive, for these reasons we take into consideration numerous factors.

We understand why an athlete or an actor wants to supplement their HGH levels. Their lives and income depend on being the best. Waterloo Anti Aging believes that everyone should have the tools to be THEIR best. That is our mission, to provide every person with the treatment they need to maximize their potential.

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