Human Growth Hormone for athletes

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Many athletes, especially over the age of 30 years are not recovering from workouts and rebuilding soft tissues quickly enough to make meaningful progress in their training. This is primarily due to the declining levels of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) in their body. GH-deficient (GHD) adults have reduced lean body mass and increased fat mass, particularly central abdominal fat mass, thus proving that the higher the HGH level, the more muscle mass and less fat mass. Boosting these levels to the highest physiological range can have incredible results for athletes under high training loads.

How to take Human Growth Hormone?

Most athletes are not taking HGH at its maximum potential. Our clinic recommends taking the entire daily dose at night pre-bed subcutaneously. This greatly helps deep sleep and also mitigates the lethargy side effect that may accompany the administration of HGH. Our preferred brand of HGH is Omnitrope. This is one of the highest quality growth hormone brands. Our typical dosing protocol is 1.75 iu daily. For athletes that have very hard, infrequent training sessions the dose can be doubled and taken every other day. A small insulin dose of Humalog (3-4iu) can accompany this if recovery is of the utmost importance. If fat loss is a primary goal we advise not to use insulin regularly.

Why Combining HGH with Testosterone?

HGH by itself is not that strong of an anabolic, it has a primary property of maintaining nitrogen (anti-catabolic). For these reasons we like to make sure it is combined with optimal testosterone levels for a maximum anabolic effect. The synergistic properties of these two compounds can transform an athlete into a muscle-building machine!

How can HGH help with Fat Loss?

HGH has a nutrient partitioning effect allowing fat stores to be more readily mobilized and disallowing carbohydrate storage. This lipolytic effect can be amplified even further by adding Synthroid (T4), a thyroid hormone that is present in the body. The typical T4 dose can vary but often less is more. Thyroid hormone levels should never go beyond high-normal ranges as this can cause unwanted side effects and may cause catabolism. Having these hormones in balance can cause a rapid loss in body fat while maintaining and even building muscle tissue, especially when used in combination with testosterone.

HGH Protocols

We take into consideration many factors when developing a performance-enhancing program for an athlete. The most important factor is the type of sport or activity and its demands. Speed and power athletes generally need higher muscle mass rather than fat loss. Endurance sports favour low body weights and recovery. Timing of supplementation with hormones and nutritional components is also important. Key factors involving periodization and training cycles must also be considered. Waterloo Anti Aging are specialists at dialing in the specific needs of the individual so that they can perform at the absolute maximum of their abilities! If you are serious about being the best, contact us today about our Elite Athlete protocols!

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